Stories by Years

I've been writing "X-Files" fanfic since 1998. From "Discovery of Hope" to my latest story, "The Library," I completed over fifty stories because I adore writing in general. I thought it would be nice to showcase the stories over the years to give the readers in the X-Files community a little taste of my everchanging style.


My first story was "Discovery of Hope."  My writing style was fresh from writing too many essays at the local junior college. It was years since I even written a story -- the last time that I completed a story was 1991. When I completed my first fanfic, I didn't even know about beta reading then! There was a lot of mechanical problems with the story, but overall, I did enjoy writing the story. If I knew what I know now, I would go about it differently. I would have worked a lot harder on each and every single story during that period. Everything  I went through was through trial and error.

This story was first posted in April 1998.


After I was writing for a few years, I found a wonderful story  idea through one of my dreams. The story became "To Start Again." 
The best story that I had written this year was a Season One story which was set after the
episode, "Conduit," called "The Library."

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