Like X-Files’ light episodes such as “Bad Blood,” I have written my share of humorous X-Files fanfic. These stories range from “Dancing Baby Alien” to my latest, “Advice Column.” If I had made you laugh, I know I have succeeded. 






155 Words


Years ago, a well known X-Files fanfic author, Brandon Ray, started a frenzy of stories that were called “155 Words.”  I enjoyed them so much that I started to write them too.


155 Words: Fowley Wants Mulder

155 Words: The Shortest CSM/Mrs. Mulder Romance Ever!

155 Words: The Shortest Samantha Mulder Returns Fic Ever!

155 Words: The Shortest Mulder and Scully’s Reunion Fic Ever!

155 Words: The Shortest Krycek/Mulder Slash Fic Ever!

155 Words: The Shortest Pendrell/Scully Flirtation Ever!

155 Words: The Shortest Krycek, Scully, and Mulder Romance Ever!

155 Words: Mulder and Doggett Team Up!


Mulder and Scully Meet the Teletubbies

I know. I know. It’s very silly and bad. This is what happened when you watched too many “Teletubbies” episodes where you’re sick. My mind just had to write it. I was laughing up at a storm when I was writing it.


Dancing Baby Alien

What happens when you combine the Dancing Baby from the “Ally McBeal” and the X-Files? You get this. The Dancing Baby Alien turns out to be a shipper. Silliness ensues.


Advice Column

What happens when you feel lonely and need to get it off your chest? What happens if you feel the man of your dreams didn’t think you exist? You write to an advice columnist like Scully did. Or maybe you don’t.