Myths and Facts About Erin
or "How I Finally Answer My Critics"

I created this page due to the various e-mails I received over the years
and a recent thread about how I self promoted on Haven. I've heard
these myths ever since I started to write "X-Files" fan fiction. I
decided to set the record straight. The only person who really
knows me is me.

MYTH:: That I don't listen to betas.
FACT: I do listen to betas. In fact, I use about 100% corrections
and advice that my beta gives me. However, I do let her know if
I rather use what I had written originally if I feel it phrases better
or that rather do the story my way. That's rare though. I have a
wonderful relationship with my beta. We have a great rapport. I
trust her a lot. However, I did have bad relationships previously
with other betas. I'm not the easiest person to get a long with. When
I first started writing fanfic, I had a huge ego trip that I didn't see
reason. I think that's how that myth developed.

MYTH: That I don't listen to criticism.
FACT: I do listen to criticism if I ask for it. However, if I feel
that criticism is not warranted and if I didn't ask for it, I don't
respond because no matter how hard I try -- you guys won't
believe me. I'm a very sensitive, emotional person. I don't take
kindly to what I perceive to be flames about my writing. I
view writing as therapeutic to get over my personal issues
and trauma.

MYTH: That I don't respond to mail.
FACT: I get about 400 messages a day because I'm on
a lot of Yahoo! Groups. However, if I see your message
(and if my ISP's spam filter doesn't kill your message), I
will respond to it. It does take me sometime to get to your
message, but I do love receiving and writing e-mail.

MYTH: That I don't thank my betas.
FACT: I do thank my betas all the time in e-mail,
MSN chat, and on the fic itself. In the old days, I just
thank them only in e-mail. I can see where this started
over time.

MYTH: That I self promote.
FACT: Long time ago, I posted my fic on a ton of lists. I'm not
a selfish person. I just wanted to share my writing with others. Now
I just post my fic on a small number of lists and then I post to
Ephemeral. I can see how this myth started, however.

MYTH: That I rec my own stories hundreds of times on Ephemeral.
FACT: I actually laughed when I read this one! I just rec my story only
one time because I'm proud of my story. I lead a very busy life. I have a
life outside of the "X-Files" fanfic community. I simply don't have time to
rec my story hundreds of times. I have heard that there are web spiders
that go around hitting links on Ephemeral. No one takes their recs seriously
because of this.

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