Recommended Works


I have been reading novels, short stories, and poetry ever since I could remember. I can always been seen with a good book that I love to read over and over again. With X-Files fanfic, I’m the same way. I have read so many stories that I’ve lost count. Some were bad. Some were good. And some were simply the best fic I have ever read. The stories and authors reflect my shipper tendencies. I’m also offering my recommendations from my own works.



Favorite Authors:

It’s hard to pick just one author. In a perfect world, it could be done.. All of these authors have touched my heart with their words. You can check these authors on Gossamer or their own personal websites.

Amy Schatz, Rachel Anton, Lauren Metelsky, Kim, Joey R, Tanja Voet, Romantika, Penny Daza, Lydia Bower, Anne Haynes, Dtg, Vicki Moseley, Donna Honeycutt, Lovesfox, Dawn, Devin, XSketch, Sara Bowen, Fibbie, Anubis, Nina, Fatcat, Donnilee, Mishy, Mimic, Char Chaffin, Humbuggie, Anna K, Elizabeth Rowandale , aka “jake”,  Shoshana,and many more!

Favorite Stories


Almost Home by Shoshana

Set Me Free by Kim

Set Me Free II by Kim

Return of the Prodigal by Amy Schatz


I Have Known a Boy Named Fox And A Man Named Mulder by Penny Daza

Positive by Devin

The Growing Up series by Devin

Flight into Egypt series by Vickie Moseley

Jessica's Secret by Linda Phillips

If I Never Knew You by Amy Schatz

Elysian Fields by Amy Schatz

Shatter by Amy Schatz

Looking for the Truth I and II by Lauren Metelsky

Torn by Lauren Metelsky

What Might Have Been by FatCat

Eyes of a Child by Lovesfox

Blood Ties Series by Dawn

Tabula Rasa/Dreamcatcher by Deb.

Any story by XSketch

Any story by Devin

Any story by Vickie Moseley

Personal Favorites:

My favorite stories that I have written are: "Don't Leave Me," "Another Life," "Without My Soulmate," “Crosses of Sand,” “Misery of One,” “Newfound Love,” "The Library" and “To Start Again.”  These stories moved me over the years and I think they’re my best works.



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