I have written several stories that turned into a series. This page will feature the following series: Discovery/A Twist Of, To Start Again, Another Life, A New Life, and possibly more!   






The first series was called, “Discovery/A Twist,” which was written in 1998. This series was about their life together and raising a family together. Then the story changes in “A Twist Of” and focus on Mulder and Scully’s children



The second series was called “Trilogy” which was written in a similar vein like “Discovery” but with a twist: Mulder and Scully met before they were partners and then became romantically involved called “Trilogy: Beginnings.”  Another trilogy that I had written was similar to the “A Twist Of” series where Scully was never abducted, her sister, Melissa, was.  



“Crossing Worlds” was written because I wanted to create two similar universes, but creating a different character death in each one. Mulder dies in one and Scully dies in the other. The Mulder and Scully that are left discover each other and begin building a relationship with each other. The emotional resonance that I had developed was so much that I cried for days.

A New Dawn

A new series coming soon about a what if Mulder was never abducted, but Scully was still pregnant. How would Mulder and Scully deal with the new changes in their relationship. MSR. 



 “To Start Again” series was probably my favorite series to create. I had written this series to answer questions that I had always wondered about. I thought it would be interesting to develop the background of the Mulder/Scully relationship and to explore the reasoning behind Mulder’s discovery of the X-Files.



“A New Life” was one of the most angst stories that I had ever written. One day, I had decided to play with an idea of a clone Scully. I had seen Mulder Clone stories before, but I wanted to see what a Scully Clone would do to the MSR.  This story explored the idea that Scully returned from her abduction, but a clone took her place. She had to find the way back to Mulder, but how?



“Another Life” is a series where Scully is transported to an another life where she is married to Mulder and that she was never abducted by Duane Barry. Meanwhile, Mulder is feeling guilty about the way he treated Scully at the Lone Gunman’s office.  This story has supposed One Son spoilers and has spoilers through Season Six.