Mulder's Birthday Present  (The Truth and William Spoilers. NEW.)
This Is The Beginning (The End Spoilers, Scully's Letter to Mulder. MSR)
Crosses of Sand (Christmas Carol/Emily Spoilers. Scully's POV. MSR.)
Combination Sorrow (William Spoilers. MSR)
Scully's Birthday (Mulder/Scully Romance)
Dancing Baby Alien
(Humor. MSR)
Mulder and Scully Meets The Teletubbies
(Script Format. MSR. Humor.)
Diana Fowley's Death
(Spoilers for any Diana Fowley episode.)
Die Fowley Die!
(All spoilers, including the movie! Humor.)
Come to the Field
(The Unnatural Spoilers. MSR.)
Describing Scully (MSR)
A Phone Call to Scully (Milagro/Irresistible Spoilers.
Mulder's POV. MSR.)
A Special Birthday Present
(Mulder buys Scully a present. MSR.)
If I Die
(Redux 11 Spoilers, Scully's Letter to Mulder, MSR)
If The Bee Hadn't Stung Scully...
((Movie Fiction, Mulder POV, MSR)
Returning The Cross
(Movie Fiction, Scully POV, MSR)
Leaving My Love
(Movie Fiction, Scully POV, MSR)
Near, Far, Wherever You Are
(Movie Fiction, MSR)
My Heart Should Go On
(Movie Fiction, Scully POV, MSR)
The Red and the Black
(Red and the Black Spoiler, Humor, MSR)
As I Wait
(Movie Fiction, Mulder POV, MSR)
A Little Twist of Three
(Mulder/Scully Married. 3, Duane Barry, Ascension Spoilers!)
A Little Twist of One Breath
(Mulder/Scully Married. One Breath spoiler!)
Frustrating Day
(Other POV. Mulder/Scully Married.)
(Mulder/Scully UST to Mulder/Scully Romance. PG-13 for a passionate kiss!)
Asking Me to Choose
(Mulder/Scully Romance. Mulder writes a letter to Scully after the events of the Season Six premiere, The Beginning.)
A Love Triangle in the Past
(Triangle Spoilers. MSR.)
Insecurity of Looks
(Sanguinarium Spoilers. Mulder/Scully UST.)
A Millennium Love Letter
(Millennium Spoilers. MSR. Scully POV.)
(Closure Spoilers. MSR. Mulder POV.)
She's Gone
(MSR. Character Death. Mulder POV.)
(MSR. No Plot. Humor.)
(Mulder/Scully Romance. Requiem Spoilers. Babyfic.)
Dear Samantha
(Mulder Angst.)