About Me

Let's start with the basics, shall we? My name is Erin Maureen Blair and I happen to love writing. It's what makes me - me. I have always wanted to become a writer. I remembered grabbing a pencil and a piece of binder paper to write my very first short story. My first works was yucky at best, but I still was very persistent.

I'm still am persistent to this very day. I knew writing was something that I wanted to work on.

So I did.

In 1991, I had written two novels, several short stories, character sketches, teleplays, and some poetry.

Then nothing.

I didn't write for several years until I discovered X-Files fan fiction. It got me to rediscover my dream as a writer. My writing style was stuck back in essay writing... so my writing seemed too formal. Now my writing seemed to be back where it was back in 1991, but with my experiences behind me.

My career plans is to start "Erin Blair Creative Service" this year and to become a freelance writer.

My motto is: "Always continue to learn about writing."