Other Characters

Turning Nine
Rated PG | 1K | Category SA
Spoilers: Little Green Men, Pilot.
Keywords: Pre-XF.
Summary: What if Samantha Mulder came back after her abduction to the Mulders shortly before her ninth birthday?
The Park of Hidden Memories
Rated PG | 2K | Category SA
Spoilers: Little Green Men. Small spoilers for: Pilot, Conduit, Duane Barry, Ascension, and One Breath.
Keywords: Mulder/Scully friendship. Pre-XF.
Summary: Scully and Melissa were walking in the park when they approached a young boy -- Mulder -- sitting on a bench and looking as though he lost his way.
Discovery Trip, The
Rated PG | 2K | Category VA
Spoilers: One Breath
Keywords: Scully/Melissa Scully friendship. Missing scene.
Summary: Melissa discovers where she needs to be.
Sadness Reins On
Rated PG | 1k| Category VRA
Spoilers: Ascension.
Keywords: Mulder/Scully UST. Kim POV.
Summary: Kim Cook observes Mulder at the office while Scully is missing.
A View from the Door
Rated PG | 2k| Category SRA
Spoilers: DeadAlive.
Keywords: Mulder/Scully Romance.
Summary: Doggett views a beautiful exchange of love between Mulder and Scully.
Newfound Love
Rated PG | 34k } Category SRA
Spoilers: Pilot, Little Green Men, Conduit, Colony/Endgame and Requiem.
Keywords: Mulder/Scully Romance. Alternate Universe.
Summary: Mulder was returned from his abduction only to find his sister, Samantha, was now a FBI agent working on the X-Files with her partner - Dana Scully. Will Mulder fall in love with Scully? What does life has in store for him?
155 Words: Fowley Wants Mulder
Rated | 825b | Category SRA
Spoilers: Possible "One Son".
Keywords: Fowley/Mulder UST. Mulder/Scully Romance
Summary: Will Fowley get Mulder? Read on to find out!
155 Words: Mulder and Doggett Team Up!
Rated G | 1K | Category SRA
Spoilers: Vienen; Existence. No Season 9
Keywords: MSR. Doggett/Mulder Friendship. AU.
Summary: Mulder has a new temporary partner - Agent Doggett.
Spender's Bad Day
Rated PG | 5k| Category SRA
Spoilers: The End, FtF, The Beginning.
Keywords: Spender/Other Romance.
Summary: His mother's missing. His father sends him strange letters. Fox Mulder annoys him. Could Jeffrey's life get any worse? You bet!
Spender's Surprise
Rated PG | 12k| Category SRA
Spoilers: The End, FtF, The Beginning.
Keywords: Spender/Other Romance. MSR implied.
Summary: What will Spender do when his old girlfriend/partner shows up and wants to resume the partnership? How will this affect his new partnership with Diana Fowley?
Just Smile
Rated PG | 3k | Category VR
Spoilers: Red and the Black.
Keywords: Spender/Other. Spender POV.
Summary: Spender's smiling with happiness because the loves of his life returned. He also asks Melanie Alomar an important question. Sequel to "Spender's Surprise."
Spender's Daughter
Rated G | 4k | Category VR
Spoilers: Two Fathers/One Son.
Keywords: Spender/Other Married.
Summary: Spender and Melanie's daughter has her first Christmas while Spender realizes something special. Sequel to "Just Smile" and "Spender's Surprise."
The Diary of a Hired Man
Rated PG | 3k | Category SRA
Spoilers: Sleepless.
Keywords: Mulder/Scully UST. Krycek/Other.
Summary: Krycek remembers why he decided to work for the consortium.