Completed Stories


A Lost Love (Scully/Other then Mulder/Scully Romance, Movie Fiction)
To Start Again
1 2 3 4 (Mulder/Scully Romance)
Hearts Entwined (Mulder/Scully Married, Alternate Universe)
The Conversation of Love (Mulder/Scully Romance, Movie Fiction)
Lost and Found
I and II (Mulder/Scully Married. What if Mulder was abducted instead of Scully in Duane Barry, and Scully had to find him.)
Matter of...Trust (Mulder/Scully Romance. Spender/Scully Friendship. The Beginning spoilers. Will Mulder win Scully back? Can Spender talk Scully out of transferring to San Diego?)
Another Life
1 2 3 4 5 (Scully sees Fowley and Mulder kissing and drives off mad. She ends up in an alternate reality where she's married to Mulder.
Another Life II: The Reunion of Souls
1 2 (Mulder/Scully Romance)
A New Life
1 2 (Mulder/Scully Romance)
The Weirdest Day Of My Life (MSR. Scully's journal entry. Scullyfic Improv fanfic)
Someone Else (Movie Fiction.
MSR. Scully/Other. Introducing David Mulder.)
Strange Night of Dana Scully (YFU Improv fanfic. MSR)
I Want Mulder (Rated R. MSR. Sefamsrn Improv fanfic.)
Changing The Past (MSR. Mulder and Scully decided to change her abduction.)
Everything (MSR. Will Scully transfer?)
Stars In the Sky (Pre-XF, Mulder/Scully UST.)
A Winter Storm (Mulder/Scully Married. Up to Season 7 Spoilers.)
Luckiest Man in the World

Youíre Not Alone
155 Words: Mulder and Scullyís Reunion
Advice Column
Silver Dreams

Already in Love

Mistaken Moments

Matter of Love
Mulderís Birthday Present

Miss You

Miss You, Too

Miss You Three

Miss You Four


Spooky House



Late Night Conversations

Misery of One

Boyish Agility

Newfound Love

I Drove All Night

The Other
Latest Scuttlebutt


155 Words: Dear Santa by Fox Mulder

155 Words: Dear Santa by Dana Scully

A Christmas Wish

Christmas Time is Here

A View from the Door

She Loves Me


Six Months: Peeling Onions, Omelettes, and Wedded Bliss

Iím Sorry, Scully

Loneliness of My Heart

Scullyís Valentine Present

155 Words:
Mulder and Doggett Team Up
Happy 40th Scully

A Change is Coming

Cousin of Scully

You Healed My Heart

Are You OK?

Reflection of the Truth

In the Eye of the Beholder


The Library
The Tour From Hell
It Was Her Destiny
The Secret
Praying for Health
The Darkest Day
Happy Birthday William
Emerging Hope
First Kiss
Multitude of Stars
Dead No More
Morning Rituals
Candles Burning Brightly (strong R)
Fallen Kisses (NC 17)
Erotic Pleasure (NC 17)
The Beginning of Love
You Can't Change History  
Sadness Reigns On (Kim Cook POV.  MSR. Ascension Spoilers.) 

Jeffrey Spender Stories

More recently, I started to write Jeffrey Spender fanfic involving his romance with an original character I'd created named Melanie Alomar. She was his partner/lover before Diana Fowley and she was the one who had taken Scully's Salt Lake City FBI Field office transfer.

Spender's Surprise: Spender/Melanie Romance. Spender gets a shock when his ex-girlfriend/partner returns. With David Mulder and Melanie Alomar.
Just Smile: Spender's happy because both his mother and Melanie had reutrned into his life. Spender/Melanie Romance.
Spender's Daughter: Meet Melanie and Spender's daughter named Lauren Dana Spender.