Babyfic -- Mulder/Scully with Children

I decided to make a new page to put one of my guilty pleasures -- babyfic -- on its own page. Some of these stories started back in the day. I have every intention in completing them, so don't worry. :)


Discovery / A Twist Of Series

Another Life

A New Life

To Start Again

Another Life
Spooky House (Samantha)
Mulder's Birthday Present (William, gWb!)

Miss You Series: (William, gWb!):

Miss You

Miss You Too

Miss You Three

Miss You Four


Ripple (WIP) (Pregnant Scully)
Mulder and Doggett Team Up (William)
The Secret (Baby William)

Happy Birthday William (William, Non-Canon Children: Katherine and Melissa, Pregnant Scully)

Morning Rituals (Pregnant Scully)

Alive in My Heart (Pregnant Scully)

The Darkest Day (Pregnant Scully)

Positively Yours (Non-Canon Children: Elizabeth; this is the second installment of the Positive Series that I co-write with Devin.)

The Blessing (Pregnant Scully)

Turning Nine (Samantha)

A Christmas Wish (William; Pregnant Scully)

Christmas Time is Here (William)

Six Months: Peeling Onions, Omelettes, and Wedded Bliss (William)

Happy 40th, Scully! (William, Non-Canon Child: Elizabeth, Pregnant Scully)

Reflection of the Truth (Pregnant Scully)

The Beginning of Love (Pregnant Scully)

Sullen Afternoon (William; Pregnant Scully)

The Train from Hell (William)

William Watches Daddy (William; Pregnant Scully)

The Tortured Soul (Pregnant Scully)

While Mulder Sleeps (William)

Him (Pregnant Scully)

Christmas Delight (William; Pregnant Scully)

William's Fifth Birthday (William, Emily + siblings/Non-Canon Children: Katherine, Elizabeth, David and Megan; Pregnant Scully)

A Winter Storm (Non-Canon Child: Elizabeth)

A New Beginning of Discovery (Pregnant Scully)

The Beach II (Non Canon Child: Amelia)

Changing the Past (Non Canon Child: Dana Katherine)

Everything Matters (Non Canon Children: Elizabeth Mulder; Stephanie Mulder (Samantha's daughter)) WIP

The Secret Box (Emily) WIP

Tell Me a Story (Non Canon Child: Katherine)

First Day of a New Opportunity (Non Canon Child: Katherine Dana) WIP

Where's Mommy? (Non Canon Child: Katherine)

The Nice Man (Non Canon Child: Katherine)

How's Katherine? (Non Canon Child: Katherine)

The Announcement (part of Trilogy; Pregnant Scully)

Little Twist of Three (Non Canon Children: Emily and Dana)

Lost and Found (Emily, as if she was born to Scully and Mulder. One of the very first fanfics that I'd written.)


Coming Soon

Essential Moments

Positively Mine

The Ad

School Picture

William's Super Big Question


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