Challenge Fic


I have taken part in several challenges over the years at Haven, MSR Preservation Society, X-OK, Scullyfic (now known as Emuse), After the Fact, and Beyond the Sea. I thought it would be fun to take part in them.



After the Fact Post-Episode Challenges:  

Luckiest Man in the World


You're Not Alone

Silver Dreams

Boyish Agility

Are You OK?

In the Eye of the Beholder

On the Road to the Dam

One Step Ahead


Beyond the Truth Challenges

Spooky House


Hearts and Flowers


Beyond the Sea's Challenges

Are You OK?

Reflection of the Truth

Watching Over Her

Scullyís Valentine Present
The Beginning of Love


Haven Challenges

Loneliness of My Heart

Iím Sorry, Scully

Six Months: Peeling Onions, Omelettes, and Wedded Bliss


Latest Scuttlebutt

Ripple (for Sybilís birthday)

Waiting for You

The Library

Cousin of Scully

You Healed My Heart
It Was Her Destiny



X-OK Christmas Challenge

Christmas Time is Here

MSRPreservation Societyís Secret Santa Gift Fic

A View from the Door

You Can't Change History
Never Again Aftermath


MSRPreservation Society's Challenges
Happy Birthday William
Summer Sizzle (WIP)

I'm Thankful for Scully

Christmas Delight


Scullyfic (now Emuse)ís Improv

The Weirdest Day In My Life


SEFAMSRNís  Improv

I Want Mulder
XFCancerfic Challenge:
Overheard at the Cafeteria

Birthday Fic/Special Dedication Fics

She Loves Me (written for and dedicated to Nancy)

Ripple (for Sybil)
First Kiss (for Lidia)
The Diary of a Hired Man (for Jen)
Anniversary Trust (for Gwen's wedding anniversary)
The Blessing (for Vickie's birthday)

Fanfic of the Millennium Challenges
A Winter Storm
Stars in the Sky
Scully's Birthday
To Start Again

Simply Devoted Challenges
The Diary of a Freshly Assigned G-Woman

Realization of Wedded Bliss

Changing the Cycles (for Devin)

School Picture

William's Super Big Question


- all still being written and edited.

The Nursery Files Challenges
On the Doorstep
William's Fifth Birthday
Essential Moments

Still being written and edited.

Mulder's Refuge Challenges:


The Tour From Hell

The Train From Hell

Mulder's Horribly Worn Shoes

The Tortured Soul


Fandomonium Challenges

Candles Burning Brightly

Fallen Kisses
Erotic Pleasure
Hearts Awakened
Midnight Love
Salvation by the Shore
William Watches Daddy
While Mulder Sleeps
Into the Moonlight
Rescuing Her from the Nightmare Zone
Sullen Afternoon

Virtual Season Challenges  

A Kiss for Luck

Valentine Hearts
Underneath the Stars

XF_Drabble Challenges
Praying for Health
Morning Rituals

House of C Challenges
Not in a Partying Mood

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