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In 2003, I decided to return to writing X-Files fanfic because I felt the urge to revisit M ulder and Scully. I missed them so much since the X-Files left the airwaves. Although I had written fanfic back in 1998, I felt like a newbie returning to the shores of X-Files Fanfic Community. From "Luckiest Man in the World" to the current story, "One Step Ahead," I included a listing that includes all the various new stories since I had returned.


Luckiest Man in the World
You’re Not Alone
155 Words: Mulder and Scully’s Reunion
Advice Column
Silver Dreams
Already in Love
Mistaken Moments
Matter of Love
Mulder’s Birthday Present
Miss You
Miss You, Too
Miss You Three
Miss You Four
Spooky House
Late Night Conversations
Misery of One
The Reunion
Boyish Agility
Newfound Love
I Drove All Night
The Other
Latest Scuttlebutt
155 Words: Dear Santa by Fox Mulder
155 Words: Dear Santa by Dana Scully
A Christmas Wish
Christmas Time is Here
A View from the Door
She Loves Me
Six Months: Peeling Onions, Omelettes, and Wedded Bliss
I’m Sorry, Scully
Loneliness of My Heart
Scully’s Valentine Present
155 Words: Mulder and Doggett Team Up
Happy 40th Scully
A Change is Coming
Cousin of Scully
You Healed My Heart
Are You OK?
Reflection of the Truth
In the Eye of the Beholder
The Library
The Tour From Hell
It Was Her Destiny
The Secret
Praying for Health
The Darkest Day
Happy Birthday William
Emerging Hope
First Kiss
Multitude of Stars
Dead No More
Morning Rituals
Candles Burning Brightly (strong R)
Fallen Kisses (NC17)
Erotic Pleasure (NC17)
The Beginning of Love
You Can't Change History
Sadness Reigns On
Hearts Awakened(NC17)
Hearts and Flowers

The Ring
Midnight Love [NC17]
A Kiss for Luck
Never Slowing Down
Sullen Afternoon
Anniversary Trust
You're Alive
The Train From Hell
Alive in My Heart
Key to My Heart
Salvation by the Shore [NC17]
The Telescope and the Universe
The Discovery Trip
William Watches Daddy
The Tortured Soul
While Mulder Sleeps
On the Road to the Dam
Into the Moonlight [NC17]
Gentle Words
Rescuing Her From the Nightmare Zone [NC17]
Positively Yours
Halloween Evening
Looking Elsewhere
His New Partner
Never Again Aftermath
Christmas Delight
Watching Over Her
Saved My Life
The Waiting Room Inside My Head

Valentine Hearts
Changing the Cycles
The Blessing
Never Wanted to See You Cry
Underneath the Stars
Mulder's Horribly Worn Shoes
Softball Accident
William's Fifth Birthday
Not in a Partying Mood
Turning Nine
One Step Ahead
The Deepest Love
The Park of Hidden Memories

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